About Divinepersonhood

Welcome to my site!

There are many scholarly approaches to the subject of Divine Personhood which can be referenced; this is not one of those.  The underlying purpose of this website is to proclaim the reality and necessity of Divine Personhood in its different aspects as they have occurred to me through many years of study and writing.  The posts on this site, however, are not limited to this subject. Writings on various personal, social, and spiritual topics appear.  I hope that these will engage the reader and, most important, to inspire further thought on the subjects they touch.

I would submit several principal arguments to you regarding Divine Personhood:

1.  Genesis 1:26 “let us make man in our image”, rings true to me.  Human life, the “crown of creation”, appears as the image of God in the creation process.  As such, we have the capacity to identify with and relate to the Divine Person, as does the Divine Person to us.

2.  The argument for structure, as opposed to randomness, as the scheme of creation, can be demonstrated in scientific study as well as philosophy.  This is evidenced by the physical and biological structures of life.  Recently, it has been noted, scientists, especially those in the biological sciences, have become increasingly preoccupied with patterns.

3.  In terms of personal need, the necessity for grace must come from someone and not something.  The force of karma is impersonal and arbitrary, and can only be overcome by grace from the Divine Person.  This is reflected in the traditions of Hindu, Christian, and later Buddhist thought.

4.  There is a recurring history of the Divine attempting to break through in a succession of personages and religious traditions.  In addition to direct revelation, this is supported by an extensive mythology of gods and goddesses expressive of the Divine Idea.  As with the function of mythology, this is reflective of a deeper underlying truth.

5.  An extensive record of post-resurrection appearances of Jesus to both Christians and non-Christians has occurred from ancient times and continues to the present day.

6.  The well-established tradition of devotion, or bhakti, exists in many traditions as an effective and personal approach to the Divine.  This is a primary aspect of the approach to Divine Personhood.