Thanks for joining me and welcome to my site!

Love and greetings to all.  I have established this website to record and share studies and reflections made during my life with those who may have an interest.  The main Idea presented here is that of the Divine Person, God, which underlies and permeates Being and is therefore prior to it.  Other writings will appear here as well, either related or unrelated to the main Idea.  For me (and, hopefully for you) this is better than chasing around through multiple websites.  Among the other ideas you will find:

  • Philosophy, including political philosophy and reflections on current events and trends
  • Bible study
  • Christianity
  • Judeo-Christian references
  • Sanskrit references from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and other scriptures.  The philosophies contained therein which form the root and source of much to follow.
  • Links to full-length works available in separate files which may be requested through this site

From an early age I have been fascinated by the wondrous process of consciousness, that precious act of awareness   From this many studies and writings have proceeded, and during this time my thinking has followed different pathways and has evolved.  These writings will appear as they are made ready.  They are in several forms, much like the kaleidoscopic forms of life itself, yet generated from and ultimately achieving a unity.  But of what does this unity consist?  It has been jokingly said that all religious systems end in either zero or one, but this is actually a serious proposition.  Is it the Void, or is there more?  I have cast my lot with those who maintain that the Source, the Goal, of Being is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  And, furthermore, we ourselves are reflections of God’s image and thus share in the reality of Divine Personhood, thus the name of this site.  This has been attested to by currents of thought running through Christianity, Hinduism, Shin Buddhism and other traditions.  It is and must be universal, for to be true, something  must be universally true.  There is and can only be one Reality, and though our views may differ, this is from no lack of clarity or defect but to the limitations of our ability to perceive it in this bodily mode.  Nevertheless, we struggle and seek to experience and learn.  In response to this I can only yield to the One in whom I live and move and have my being.  Thanks be to God.

Tom D. Lawson

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