Francisco Peccorini Letona, a Bibliography

Francisco Peccorini Letona

I was fortunate in my undergraduate studies at California State University at Long Beach to have Dr. Francisco Peccorini Letona as my professor.  More than 50 years later I am still under his influence.  His philosophical method and the force of his personality shine through his writings, as they did in his engagement with students.  I have assembled a bibliography of his works, which, to my knowledge, is complete, along with various reviews and commentaries.  When I visited the CSULB Library several years ago, the only publication in the book stacks was a photocopy of the Revista Rosminiana article below, which was surprising because his most popular work, A Method of Self-Orientation to Thinking was celebrated by the campus community when it was published in 1970.  Sadly, Dr. Peccorini was killed in the El Salvador violence after he moved there following his retirement in 1986.  Various news accounts are included here as well.  A testimony to his social vision appears in his work La Voluntad del Pueblo en la Emancipación de El Salvador (The Will of the People in Emancipation of El Salvador).  This philosopher moved fearlessly from “pure” philosophy into the world, even at the cost of his life.  He will be remembered for his deep pursuit of knowledge and its communication to his many students.

Tom D. Lawson

B.A. 1970


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      8 . Common terms and phrases in Francisco Peccorini Letona’s Selfhood as Thinking                 Thought (1987) (word wall, internet article)

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  1. Juan Valente, columnist for El Diario de Hoy, “Su Muerto no Fue en Vano” (His Death Was Not in Vain) (internet article)
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  1. Zona 1 magazine: “Francisco Peccorini, el Filósofo de las Profecías de Guerra” (The  Philosopher of the Prophecies of War”)

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